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Primary Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are an important part of the primary years program at IICS. These activities allow children the opportunity to utilize their talents and motivate their learning styles in areas other than academics. Extra-curricular activities help foster the whole child. When planning each session, we seek to offer a balanced program: one that has choices for all age groups, includes active and creative activities and introduces new activities as well as the old favourites. We encourage the students to take risks and try something new. We expect them to show commitment to the club by attending each session so that they have the time to find out whether they enjoy the activity and will hopefully continue to enjoy it in their free time.

Secondary Athletics

At IICS, athletics are more than an extracurricular activity; they are an extension of the classroom, providing opportunities for students to set goals, learn new skills, and gain exposure to the community of a team. These offerings do not exist apart from the total experience but as an essential part of a holistic approach encompassing the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual elements of each student. We believe the quality of our interscholastic and recreational programs can offer our students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and instil important life skills including discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and humility. These skills complement what IICS students are already receiving in their classes. Students are encouraged to try out for sports in which they are competitive, but our diverse program provides opportunities to compete at both the interscholastic and intramural levels. The structure of the varsity and junior varsity levels allows students to progress through the program while acquiring new proficiencies and gaining experience. It is a goal of the athletic department to ensure every IICS graduate leaves the school with a desire to lead a rewarding and physically active life.

Secondary Activities

The secondary activities program at IICS is designed to stimulate students’ engagement and add a new dimension to classroom learning with hands-on opportunities to discover, create and explore. Encompassing all of the components of a traditional arts program and expanding them with an emphasis on technology as well as community service, students are encouraged to take part in a variety of different programs, challenge themselves and broaden their horizons. The program is divided into two semesters, giving students the opportunity to get involved in different activities and discover new interests.


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