Campuses & Facilities

Hisar Campus

The smaller Hisar Campus (Early Years-Grade 3) is part of the school’s original grounds from its inception in 1911. Located in a wooded, historic neighborhood in Rumeli Hisarı near the Bosphorus, the Hisar campus is situated in a beautiful, mature garden overlooking the Hisar castle ramparts with a traditional villa surrounded by modern classroom buildings. The cozy setting at Hisar is inviting and comforting for young learners. Facilities at Hisar include:

  • a library
  • a 90m² PE and music room
  • a 33m² basketball court rubberized for safety
  • a 180m² football pitch
  • a climbing wall
  • a lower playground of 408m² and an upper playground of 160m² outdoor spaces for children at play.

All of this is situated on a 2,048m² historical campus.