“Library: It’s where we lock up all those books before they start giving kids ideas,” I said solemnly. “Very dangerous place to be.” ― Scott Tracey, Demon Eyes

We have two very dangerous places, a library at each campus, Marmara and Hisar, including books, electronic books, and databases to encourage our students to develop a love for reading and promote the necessary information literacy skills for 21st century learning. We do not to lock up books – we encourage all of our school community, including parents, to borrow and enjoy them.

All primary classes are scheduled for weekly library visits with either their homeroom teacher or one of the librarians. Secondary classes often visit with class teachers for independent reading units or assistance with research.

The library at Marmara is open before school, morning breaks and lunchtimes for students to come read or study.

The library at Hisar is open mornings, break time, and lunch time to drop books off. The library is open on library days for book issues. The collection here is more suited to the age of our Hisar students 3 – 9- year- olds.

The whole family is welcome invited to join use our library.

Our collection includes literature for young children through adults. We have unlimited borrowing for our secondary students and a range of borrowing privileges for primary students depending on their grade level. We have offered unlimited borrowing for parents. Our electronic books, databases, and catalogue are available to our students at any time.

IICS librarians inspire and empower a passion for learning and reading in our school.

Our library team is led by Dina Abizaid, our Head Librarian, and at Hisar our Teacher Librarian, Lindsey Paze.