Off Campus Activities

Beyond the Classroom

In keeping with the transdisciplinary nature of the IB curriculum, which stresses the connections between concepts and subjects, IICS teachers make use of the rich history of Turkey and the intricate mosaic of Istanbul as a venue for hands-on, mis-en-scene learning outside the classroom. Classes regularly take trips through the city to experience firsthand the relevant places and processes reflected in their units of study. The historic sites and museums in Istanbul are incomparable, as a city with over 8,000 years of history and a location at the crossroads of empires and civilizations.

As Turkey’s largest city, the Istanbul metropolis affords countless possible outings to places like museums, galleries, businesses, observatories, recycling facilities, factories, charitable organizations, NGOs, and much, much more. With nearly limitless opportunities on which to draw, IICS makes thoughtful use of what the city has to offer.

Overnight Trips in Turkey

Each year, grades 4 through 11 take their own class trip. They travel to cities throughout Turkey to engage in curriculum-based activities in destinations pertinent to their subject of study. This provides a unique context for their studies. For instance, grade 9 students visit Gallipoli while studying World War I. Such trips are a valuable bonding experience that eases students into the new school year, particularly if they are new to IICS. These trips promote strong friendships between classmates and foster better communication between teachers and students.

International Field Trips

IICS cultivates internationally-minded citizens by providing experiences with different cultures. IICS offers a number of opportunities for students to travel within the context of academics, athletics and co-curricular activities. As a member of CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association), IICS students may travel to fifteen different schools to participate in co-curricular athletic, artistic, and academic competitions and conferences. There are also trips abroad for other purposes such as community service.

CEESA Schools are located in:

• Baku
• Belgrade
• Bratislava
• Prague
• Moscow
• Bucharest
• Budapest
• Sofia
• St. Petersburg
• Vienna
• Helsinki
• Vilnius
• Krakow
• Warsaw
• Zagreb
• Kiev
• Riga
• Tallinn

Some of the cities that IICS classes have travelled to for overnight trips include:

• Gallipoli/Troy
• Izmir
• Mudurnu/Bolu
• Selcuk (Ephesus)
• Trabzon
• Uludag
• Ağva
• Antalya
• Bursa
• Cappadocia
• Çanakkale
• Dalyan