Greta Hazlett

Primary Principal

Primary Principal Message

Dear Parents, 

A very warm welcome to the Primary School! IICS is a two campus Primary school united by one approach to the education of children. Our focus on caring and supportive relationships aid the development of each child’s learning through meaningful dialogue and confidence-building. Our students are creative and aspirational, our teachers are committed to academic excellence and our community is supportive of our endeavours to give our children the very best in education.

Our school programme for in person learning is of the highest quality and benefit to our students. We have planned thoroughly for a safe reopening, focusing on students joining back on campus with their teachers and among their peers. This is the best way to help them grow and thrive at IICS. IICS also has robust experience and has prepared for Distance Learning should our learning scenarios change throughout the pandemic.

The Primary school has a clearly articulated written curriculum covering all years and program requirements. We deliver the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) from Early Years 3 through to Grade 6. IICS was one of the first schools in the world to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate to provide all three IB programs. In addition to being one of the oldest international schools in the world, Istanbul International Community School (IICS) is a place where teacher collaboration and ongoing professional growth are at the core of our success. Together as a school community, we build on the rich traditions of our past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative ways to promote well-rounded and responsible citizens.

IICS values the range of learning, carefully crafting opportunities for students to expand their learning beyond the formal curriculum. Our environments are co-designed to promote active, collaborative, and interactive hands-on learning. The after-school activity program offers a wide range of interesting and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for our students. We also value the wide variety of leadership opportunities for students including Student Council, community service, athletic teams, publications, and student action groups such as animal welfare. Students have the opportunity to develop their confidence and refine the skills which will continue to serve them long after graduation.

We strongly encourage you to visit us, so you can see our students actively learning in a broad variety of ways. You will feel the welcoming tone that characterizes IICS, and observe high-quality learning experiences taking place throughout the school. 


Greta Hazlett