Transportation & School Bus Service

IICS is proud to offer school transportation services from MITUR, a locally owned transportation company that has been serving IICS safely since 1982.

Students come to school either by school bus or by car (parent or driver). In recent years, over 80% of our students have used the bus services. School buses serve many parts of Istanbul. For transportation to and from the Marmara Campus, IICS coordinates the services of 17, 27, and 47 passenger buses. All buses have seat belts, wi-fi, cameras (offline), GPS system, and supervisors.

The school buses (and their drivers) are privately contracted by parents. IICS coordinates and supervises the buses for the convenience of our families, and IICS bears no liability. Upon admission or re-enrollment, parents may sign up for bus services through the transportation coordinator in the school office. Parents are billed by the bus company (in TL) for this service.

Our Facility and Procurement Manager, Boğaçhan Çanak, supervises the school’s transport company Mitur. Transportation needs for all school trips for athletics, activities, community & service, and field trips here and abroad are organized by Mitur.

If you are not yet an IICS parent, please contact our Admissions Director, Ms. Suzan Gurkan, about general transport inquiries.

If you are a current IICS parent and have any questions about transportation, please contact Mitur Transport Coordinator, Mr. Ali Muren (Ali speaks English) if you have inquiries about student bus services.

If you would like to track your child’s bus, MITUR uses Arvento for this service. If you have not yet received your user name and password, please email Ali Muren for your login credentials.