School Selection Checklist

Does the school offer the International Baccalaureate curriculum at all grade levels? Is the school fully accredited by IB, CIS and NEASC?

IICS offers all three levels of the IB Curriculum (PYP, MYP, DP) and is fully accredited by IB, CIS and NEASC. IICS has been fully authorized for all three IB Programs and globally accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) since 1997, and globally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) since 2002.

Does the school publish university acceptances for the past 5 years year-by- year and what are they? Do they publish how they compare to other international schools?

IICS publishes a Secondary School Profile yearly which includes university acceptances, IB* results, IB* grades attained, SAT scores, faculty and student composition and IB* Diploma Program pass rates for the past 5 years.

Does the school adhere to internationally accepted norms for maximum class sizes in primary and secondary? What is the teacher-to-student ratio?

The maximum class sizes at IICS is 20 students per class and the teacher-to student ratio is 7:1. Our class sizes are small enough to allow for individual attention for a diverse range of abilities. IICS teachers excel at differentiating in the classroom.

Does the school have a truly diverse international student body? How many different nationalities are represented?

IICS has a truly diverse student population from 62 countries. The four largest nationality groups are US, Germany, UK and Korea.

Does the school provide structured, professional English language support for students who are not native speakers of English? Is other Learning Support also available?

IICS provides English support classes for children up to Grade 10 and admits students with minimal English proficiency up to Grade 7. Learning Support is offered to students however before admittance the accommodations need to be identified in order to understand if it can be provided.

Is the school STEM-oriented? Does it emphasize the use of technology and computers in learning? At what age are computers introduced into the classroom? How is technology integrated into the curriculum?

IICS is a technology-oriented school. iPads are used from ages 3-6, and from Grade 2-5 MacBook laptops are provided for all students. From Grade 6-12 students bring their own MacBook laptops. The IT program is fully integrated into the overall curriculum with additional enrichment available at all grade levels through STEM activities and clubs.

Do faculty have sufficient teaching experience? What percentage hold advanced degrees?

IICS teachers have on an average of 16 years of teaching experience. Over %55 of the teachers have a masters or PhD degree.

Does the school have a diverse and international faculty? Are they native English speakers?

The majority of teachers are native English speakers who are recruited from abroad. The majority of the faculty is from the US, Canada and UK.

Does the school provide professional development programs for teachers?

IICS being a not-for-profit school reserves a large budget for teachers to attend seminars and conferences in their area of specialization. IICS also offers professional development in-house training in many areas, with one afternoon each week being devoted to professional development for faculty and staff.

Does the school offer extra-curricular activities and athletics for Primary and Secondary students? Does the school organize field trips, class trips and compete in international athletic and academic tournaments?

Primary students from age 5 to Grade 5 are offered a wide range of activities four days a week. The activities offered change every six weeks. For Grade 6 and
Secondary students, activities run in 12-week sessions ranging in areas of athletics, arts, activities and service. IICS is a full member of CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association) and our students also have the opportunity to travel European cities for tournaments with other international schools.

Does the school offer a variety of Foreign Languages? How does the school support Mother Tongue languages?

At the primary level, IICS offers French (Grades 2-6) and Turkish Culture & Language (EY5 – Grade 6). In Secondary School French, Spanish and German are offered as a second language.

Does the learning experience balance classroom time with activities and athletics? What is a typical day like? How much time do students spend outside? How much homework is generally given to students?

School starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. Primary students have 2 recesses: morning 20 minutes and 30 minutes after lunch, with a significant portion of classroom activities, especially physical education, incorporating an outdoor component. Secondary students have 2 breaks (one 5 mins. and another 15 mins) and lunch is a total of 50 minutes. The amount of homework given to students varies by grade. In primary school a maximum of 45 minutes of homework is given.

Is the school a not-for-profit school that reinvests in the quality of its faculty and facilities? Are the fees all-inclusive?

IICS is a not-for-profit school founded in 1911. The fees include lunch, class trips, extracurricular activities, school supplies, books, 8% VAT, and Yearbook.

Does the school provide current parent contacts for further information?

IICS has a very supportive Parent Teacher Association. They publish an updated list of ambassador parents for many languages every year. Parent Ambassadors are IICS parents who are willing to guide and support prospective parents when contacted. IICS PTA Parent Ambassadors list is available to all our visiting families.


Try to meet with teachers, counselors, principals, and the Head of School.

Are the students cheerful? Do the students seem engaged?

Ask students about the school, about their classes, activities and community.

If possible, take a tour of the school when school is in session.

Places to see other than classrooms: Playgrounds, gyms, libraries, science labs, technology labs, music and art rooms, cafeteria, common areas. Check for quality of equipment, maintenance standards, cleanliness and spaciousness.


Moving to a new school and a new country is a major change. Our Director of Admissions at Istanbul International Community School, Zeliha Öztürk, is happy to answer your questions about IICS, about living in Istanbul, relocation, or any of your schooling concerns.




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