IICS Tuition & Fees 2022 – 2023 School Year

The Istanbul International Community School is a not-for-profit school. Operational costs are covered by school fees and the remaining revenue is re-invested into our school to foster a cycle of continuous improvement.

1. APPLICATION FEE: (8% VAT included)

The application fee is a standard one-time charge that supports the administration of the application process and the development and maintenance of the systems used in this process. This helps us to ensure a good standard of service while being fair and consistent to all our applicants. As such, applications will only be processed upon receipt of the application fee.

The fee is only refundable if the applicant withdraws their accepted/approved application due to a waiting period of more than 2 academic years on the waiting list.

2. CAPITAL LEVY FEE: (Grades 1 through 12, 8% VAT included)

The capital levy fee allows the school to make investments in learning resources, technology and physical infrastructure that fall outside the scope of its annual operating budget. It is a one-time charge for newly enrolled students starting in Grade 1 or above. There is no capital levy fee for students in the Early Years Program (EY3 to EY5). The fee will only be due when they advance to Grade 1.

The capital levy fee is due on August 1st, 2022. The fee is non-refundable.

3. ENROLLMENT FEE: (EY 3-4 – $5,250, EY 5 to Grade 12 – $8,250)

The enrollment fee is an annual fee applicable to all students. The school cannot guarantee a student’s place if the enrollment fee has not been paid. Students cannot be registered for the school year if the fee has not been paid by the due date.

For newly enrolled students, the enrollment fee is due 10 days after acceptance to secure their place. For re-enrolling students the fee is due by May 13th, 2022. The fee is non-refundable.

4. TUITION FEE: (yearly recurring)

Tuition Fees are charged annually, per student, per academic year. Payment is required on acceptance of an offer of enrolment or at the time of re-enrolment.

Families with more than one child concurrently enrolled in IICS will benefit from a 5% discount on school fees for the younger child, and any additional children thereafter.

To benefit from a full payment discount (2%), tuition fees must be fully paid by August 1st, 2022. Tuition fees may also be paid in 5 installments in August, September, October, November, and December 2022. Please see below for further details.

*A deposit of 200 USD has been included as a service charge for late payment in the first installment. It will be re-funded if all payments are made on time. If an installment is not paid in full by its due date, a late payment penalty will be applied at an equivalent annual rate of 8% of the installment.



All IICS fee payments should be made to the IICS bank account below:

Beneficiary Name: Istanbul International Community School Eğitim ve Öğretim Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Address: Nafi Baba Sokak No: 6, Rumeli Hisari 34470 Istanbul, Turkey

Bank Name: Yapi Kredi Bank

Branch Name: Maslak

Account No: 20131911 USD

IBAN NO: TR460006701000000020131911


Every payment should include the student’s name, surname, grade, and the school year for which payment is being made.


Laptops (required for Grades 6 through 12), headphones, PE uniforms, Grade 12 IB examination fees, DP (Grades 11&12) online courses, CEESA trips, school transport, health insurance, and the costs of certain school activities.

In all cases, these costs are communicated in advance to parents.


Hot lunch, local field trips, overnight class trips for Grades 4 through 12, school books and basic school supplies, yearbook, and specified (but not all) after school athletics and activities.

TECHNOLOGY for Grades 6 through 12

Students are required to use laptops at school. Students in Grades 6-12 must use a Macbook laptop. Students in Grades 11 & 12 may use a PC, if preferred. 


Payments will only be accepted in USD. Transfers are subject to a bank charge, which may be deducted by your bank. Please ensure that the full USD amount of all fees is transferred to the IICS bank account. The remitter will be responsible for any shortfall resulting from currency exchange discrepancies or bank charges.

Any changes regarding enrollment or length of stay must be communicated in writing. Please note that the capital levy fee, enrollment fee and application fee, if applicable, are always non-refundable regardless of the communication date.

Families will receive invoices for the tuition on a monthly basis between September 2022 and June 2023. Families will receive invoices for the capital levy and enrollment fees in August 2022. Electronic invoices are issued in the name of the student and sent via e-mail to parents.

Late Enrollment & Early Withdrawal

For students withdrawing before the end of the school year, the tuition is partially refunded based on the school’s policy. Please visit www.iics.k12.tr for more information.

The application, capital levy, and enrollment fees are all non-refundable fees. 

Payment Related Questions

For students withdrawing before the end of the school year, the tuition is partially refunded based on the school’s policy. Please visit www.iics.k12.tr for more information.

The application, capital levy, and enrollment fees are all non-refundable fees. 

Parents wishing to arrange an alternate payment plan or who have questions regarding payment should contact: 

Ms. Eser Romano (eromano@iics.k12.tr)

in the Business Office at: +90 (212) 857 8264/5/6 Ext. 122

* In some cases, additional fees may apply. For complete details, please download the 2022-23 IICS Tuition & Fees Information Sheet.


Moving to a new school and a new country is a major change. Our Director of Admissions at Istanbul International Community School, Zeliha Öztürk, is happy to answer your questions about IICS, about living in Istanbul, relocation, or any of your schooling concerns.

Email: admissions@iics.k12.tr



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