Alumni Events

Alumni Gatherings

IICS Alumni are located everywhere in the world. We love to come together and reminisce about the good old days at IICS.

If you would like to host an event at your city, contact us and let’s organize together. We’d love to help you reach your friends and expand our network!

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IICS International Festival

For the last few years at IICS, we have been organizing the annual International Festival. The International Day represents our school’s diversity and is truly one of the greatest days of the year where we enjoy being such a great community.

We invite all our alumni to come and join us at our beautiful Marmara Campus to enjoy the great food, our students’ shows and the wonderful atmosphere on March 23 rd, 2019.

Click here to register for the International Festival:

IICS Graduation Ceremony

One of the most emotional days of our lives is the day we say goodbye to our friends, teachers and our community on our graduation day. At IICS, we have a great Graduation Ceremony.