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Istanbul International Community School is a non-profit, fully accredited school (CIS/NEASC), authorized for all 3 IB programs. With more than 100 years of academic excellence, IICS offers impressive facilities and a friendly work environment.

Istanbul, once touted as the “envy of kings”, offers a lively multicultural atmosphere. Ranked #3 country destination in Conde Nast’s 2011 Readers’ Travel Awards, Istanbul has also been named by Travel & Leisure as the #2 Top City in Europe and #3 Best City in the World. Istanbul was selected as the European Culture Capital for 2010.


The exciting backdrop of Istanbul adds to the dynamic academic environment created by the professional faculty and staff, engaged and enthusiastic students, and an involved parent body.

In recruiting teachers, IICS seeks teachers who ideally have with overseas experience who are willing to participate actively engaged sponsoring or coaching in extra curricular activities. Faculty candidates experienced in collaborative team planning and measuring student learning against benchmarks are also highly valued. IICS offers the full International Baccalaureate Program of studies – Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and the IB Diploma Program (DP). Therefore, we prefer teachers with prior IB experience.

Requirements for employment at IICS are:

  • Native or near English speaker 
  • Valid teaching credential in teaching area
  • A minimum of two years of full time, current teaching experience in the grade level or subject area of vacancy
  • Ability to integrate current technology into teaching
  • Philosophy that aligns with IB, preferably with IB teaching experience
  • Evidence of recent professional growth activities
  • Overseas teaching experience desirable
  • Newly hired teachers will have the option of living in downtown Istanbul, OR in Bahcesehir

Employment Opportunities

Updated 21 August 2019:

Leadership Vacancies
Currently no vacancies

Primary Vacancies
Currently no vacancies

Secondary Vacancies
Currently no vacancies

Application Process
Please email a CV and the following documents to

  • CV or resume 
  • Application letter (no more than two pages)
  • A professional photograph
  • Up to 3 open professional letters of recommendation (optional)

At IICS, we recognize that recruiting and retaining the best possible faculty team is key to the success of our School. We place a great deal of emphasis on our recruitment process to make sure that we bring inspiring, dedicated professionals to IICS who are also a good fit for the school and for living in Istanbul.

We understand the time, effort and emotional investment involved in submitting applications and we would like to make the process of applying as clear as possible. As positions arise at the school these will be posted in the Employment Opportunities section above. Vacancies are posted from the beginning of October for positions starting in the next academic year. Due to the large volume of application we receive, the Leadership Team may only be able to contact short listed candidates to arrange an interview.

What We Offer

IICS offers a highly competitive compensation package, with one of the best savings potential in the region, with dedicated teacher support staff to assist with your housing and logistics. In addition, IICS offers a congenial positive work environment with an engaged student body and collegial collaborative colleagues.

To understand what your your work environment at IICS will be like, see what IICS students had to say about their teachers when asked for impromptu feedback…

Newly hired teachers will be given the option of living in Bahcesehir (also called B-Town), or in downtown Istanbul in an area of the school’s choosing. Each location offers different advantages. For housing testimonials by teachers, please read the New Teacher’s Handbook. The school provides shuttle service between B-Town and the Marmara campus. Overseas hire teachers living downtown who work at Marmara campus are transported to/from school providing they live in areas on the school’s approved bus route.

Living in Bahcesehir
Bahcesehir, a suburb 25 minutes from school, 30 minutes from the airport and about 45-60 minutes from downtown, is a newly constructed planned city suburb which has won several awards for its design. It was built with comfort and convenience in mind and contains mini-malls, grocery stores, restaurants, a small hospital, and many other attractions. Faculty with families are advised to live in B-Town due to its facilities and proximity to school. Maintenance fees are covered by the school for those residing in B-Town. Apartments in B-Town are furnished, meet western living standards, and are quite large. In essence, it is a condominium apartment. In many cases there will be 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a combination living room/dining room, a kitchen, and 1 balcony. They may vary in size and aesthetic quality. Please view the New Teachers’ Handbook for housing testimonials and photos of teacher housing.

Living Downtown
Downtown Istanbul, which is about 60-75 minutes from the Marmara campus and 20-30 minutes from the Hisar campus, offers proximity to more shopping, cultural events, and nightlife, but the apartments are often smaller and vary in age and quality. Please be aware that size, age, and condition of downtown apartments vary. Some may have a Bosphorus view, but there is no guarantee. Please view the New Teachers’ Handbook for housing testimonials and photos of teacher housing.

Child Protection & Safeguarding

IICS is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and expects the same from its employees. All new staff will be subject to enhanced pre-employment clearance, including identity checks, criminal background checks, qualification checks and employment checks.

Professional Development

IICS selects faculty members who are qualified to teach in their area. To keep our teachers updated in the latest in pedagogical research, we offer ongoing professional development both on campus and abroad. Teachers who attend trainings share their knowledge with their colleagues at IICS for the betterment of the whole school. Additionally, IICS faculty provide educational expertise to others by speaking at international workshops or holding inhouse trainings.

Working at IICS

IICS prides itself on its selection of high calibre teachers. The process of recruiting is one of the most important roles that the leadership performs, as the quality of the faculty is directly relational to the quality of the school’s teaching. It’s very important that we have an international – and internationally experienced – staff, both to reflect our mission and to reflect the multicultural population of our students.

The faculty is typically represented by more than 13 nations. Over the past five years, teacher experience has averaged 16 years with more than 55% of teachers holding a master’s degree or higher.

We strive for a healthy balance between the length and breadth of experience of mature teachers and the dynamism and progressive pioneering of newer teachers. Such a mix affords a rich, collegial range to the teaching methods at IICS. The role of the teacher at IICS is very much a person who can help a child’s journey in learning, rather than the dispenser of information. Each student has individual needs, so the teacher is there to focus on those needs, to facilitate the student’s individualized support. Teachers ensure that there is a strong learning environment within the classroom, while also capitalizing on a student’s prior knowledge.

Differentiating instruction in the classroom is important to enable the teacher to meet the needs of individual students. This means getting to know the student properly, understanding their learning style, and catering to their individual needs.